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HomeOur TeachersClass ScheduleClass DescriptionPricingPranic HealingWorkshops / EventsContact UsMap

HomeOur TeachersClass ScheduleClass DescriptionPricingPranic HealingWorkshops / EventsContact UsMap

     Class Description  


     Gentle Yoga

     This is the perfect introductory class for the person who is new to the concept 
      of Yoga, or the person who comes off an injury, or even the seasoned practitioner 
      who wants to experience the softer side of Yoga.

      This class is ideal for stress relief, overall relaxation and restoration of body, mind
      and spirit, as the student learns to gradually unwind tight joints and tension filled
      minds in the presence of breath, cultivating inner focus connecting to and moving
      through a series of gentle postures. This format further incorporates standing and 
      balancing postures to enhance overall stability and poise.  

    Beginner Flow 

    This format is a step up from the Gentle, as the student moves to a slow-pace
     standing "flow" practice, with the emphasis on synchronized breathing, as we
     introduce an alternative breathing technique called "Ujjayi pranayama" or "Victorious breath",
     and detailed instruction on proper alignment in each posture. Introducing a moderate pace,
     re-awakening the body's potential in bringing back the innate qualities of flexible strength,
     suppleness of the spine, balance and overall joint stability. This format is perfect for the
     person who is active in life but new to the concept of Yoga.

   ​   Mixed Level Flow

      We "mix" it up a little in this class, as we incorporate beginner level postures 
       with new and slightly advanced postures, though linked to modifications as
       the intensity level is geared toward the ability of the attending students, modifications are
       always provided for more advance poses.

      Ashtanga - Inspired Vinyasa

      Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga.  This class starts with traditional Ashtanga Sun         Salutations A & B, progressing through the classic standing sequence, the ending is modified from the           primary series including a finishing sequence and savasana.  Merging of the breath, asana and drishti           (gazing point) create a form of moving meditation.  Bandas (energetic locks) and agni (internal fire) are       addressed.  Bring a towel and be prepared to sweat.

      Kundalini Yoga 

      This special yoga class is designed to improve your physical, emotional and mental well-
      being as your practice fun, yet challenging exercises.  Classes consist of different exercises
      and postures, breath work, meditations and relaxing/stress relieving techniques.  You will 
      learn positive affirmation mantras and mudras (hand positions).  Beautiful music played to
      enhance your enjoyment and overall experience.  The classes are designed according to
      your individual needs and health goals.

    Intermediate Flow Yoga

​     With each successive format, the intensity level increases and the postures become more challenging and          more fun. With a deeper understanding of self and a greater understanding of he mechanics of each                  posture, becoming more and more in tune with our body, the gradual transformation becomes apparent. 
     This sense of accomplishment encourages faith and commitment of regular practice and fuels the 
     motivation to continue the journey in shaping strong, healthy bodies and tension-free minds. 

     Be prepared to sweat! Class will includes higher level poses.

​     All classes end with a deep relaxation segment,
      Good for the body...good for the soul.

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Choose the class format that best suits your needs at this time.
 If you are new to Yoga or haven't practiced for a while, 
start from the beginning. Give your body a chance to adapt...