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HomeOur TeachersClass ScheduleClass DescriptionPricingPranic HealingWorkshops / EventsContact UsMap

HomeOur TeachersClass ScheduleClass DescriptionPricingPranic HealingWorkshops / EventsContact UsMap

 Our Teachers


    Kathy is a certified Yoga Teacher and has been practicing since the late 90's.
    After just one hour of practice, she was aware of how completely different and   
    soothing Yoga felt to her body, in comparison to anything else she had done.
    Within 6 weeks of her initial practice she was at her first Yoga retreat.

    Her love for Yoga and the realization of how Yoga has changed her life, inspired 
    her to become a Yoga teacher, so that she could share the wonder and beauty 
    of this ancient style, working with body, mind and spirit together. She continues
    to take as many workshops, teacher training programs and seminars as she can
    fit into her busy teaching schedule, and has studied with many Master teachers 
    such as Jonny and Bryan Kest, Doug and David Swenson, John Friend,
    Charlie Pivert, Jill Miller, Robert Boustany and Baron Baptiste.

    Realizing that Yoga "changes you from the inside", she is eager to work with 
    students of all levels, encouraging them to open their hearts and to be always  
    receptive to what the Universe has in store for them, knowing that it will be an
    opportunity for spiritual growth.

    Kathy can be reached for any information at yogikathy@gmail.com  
 Kathy Verstegen / Teacher
 All our teachers are extensively trained and certified and their passion for teaching  
 shows, as they each bring their own creative and innovative style to the program...

     Suhail was raised in San Antonio as a gymnast from the young age of 7.
     He competed in the Junior Olympics in High School and later in NCAA 
     Gymnastics for the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied 
     Classics & Neurobiology. After beginning graduate school in research 
     medicine in Philadelphia, he realized he couldn't spend the next 8 years 
     of his life in a lab and clinical setting - so he filed for a leave of absence 
     and moved to a small fishing village in northwest Japan. He calls this his
     year at "Walden Pond" where he spent time hiking, skiing, deep sea fishing 
     and teaching Yoga. Subsequently he began travelling the world under the
     auspices of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, working in
     development and has taught Yoga on all 7 continents!  

     Suhail was inspired to begin his Yoga practice by his aunt in India and 
     approaches it as a science of the mind manifested through physical 
     asanas (postures). He has since obtained formal certification in the United
     States through YogaFit Levels I, II, III, & IV. In 2008, 

     Suhail was called back to San Antonio to help with the family business and
     continues to practice and teach Yoga as a vehicle toward well being for all. 
     He serves on the Board of Directors of Musical Bridges Around the World, 
     and is a Trustee of the Mind Science Foundation. 

​      Feel free to contact him at: suhail.arastu@gmail.com 

 Suhail Arastu / Teacher

​    Yoga began at a young age for Terry. An immersion into Yoga asanas,
    meditation and philosophy began at age 19, through self--study and 
    practice. By age 23, living in Kankakee Illinois, he had taught several
    six weeks courses at both the local YMCA and Junior College. Returning
    to the Southern Illinois University, he was initiated into Transcendental
    Meditation (TM), and began a twice-a-day meditation practice that continues
    today. However asana practice took a back-seat to meditation and became 
    more infrequent over time.

​    After turning 50, Terry returned to the physical practice of Yoga, and later
    took levels I, II & III Yoga fit teacher training courses. Around the same time 
    he acquired a teaching position at the Spectrum Health Clubs (currently
    Gold's Gym) and has been teaching at several of their locations for 4 years.

    Inspired to move forward in his career as a well-established Yoga teacher,
    Terry registered for the 200hr RYT certification program in the Shambhava
    Yoga at the Soshoni Yoga retreat in Colorado, where he enjoyed organic
    vegetarian foods, all forms of Yoga instruction, various meditation classes, 
    and after each day of long study hours he looked forward to evening Kirtan.

    Since the Shambhava experience, Terry has become a level I MCKS (Pranic Healer through a course taught by
    Master Stephen Co), and gained a greater understanding of the chakra system and how they are structured and 
    work in the physical and etheric or light body.

    Terry's goal at Yoga in Motion is to provide all student members with well-balanced, well-designed Yoga and  
    meditation classes, with the intent to enhance overall physical, mental and spiritual balance, including deep 
    relaxation through meditation. It's essential in today's fast paced world to provide each student with effective
    tools to de-stress, find peace and establish quietness.

    Feel free to contact Terry at yogainmotionsa@att.net

Terry Ruel / Owner / Teacher

 Harini's yoga journey began in chidlhood and she grew to love the practice.  
 Originating from in Southern India, yoga grew to be Harini's passion and part
 tradition. She has had the blessing of having walked the path of all four
 aspects of yoga: Bhakti, Gynana, Karma and Raja.  

 After completing her Masters in Microbiology, she decided to deepen her
 practice and completed her first teacher training in Hatha Yoga in India in
 2005.  After coming to the US and having a family, she again turned back
 to yoga, all the while practicing.  Again, she became certified in flow 
 based yoga, from Yoga, Yoga in 2013.  Additionally, she completed a
 22hr restorative training from Judith Lasater.

 Her teaching style includes Hatha, flow-based Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal and
 Restorative yoga.  In her class, she encourages students to find their edge,
 yet be compassionate to themselves and awaken the inner spirit.  Her personal
 practice includes chanting, pranayama and meditation.

 You can contact Harini at harinino1@hotmail.com

Harini Srinivasan / Teacher

 Meara is a San Antonio based yoga teacher, she has completed her 200 hour
 teacher training course at through Yoga Yoga and has been teaching public 
 classes since June 2015.

 Meara is also a certified Montessori teacher, professional violinist, equestrian
 (horse lady) and currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Counseling from
 Texas A&M University at San Antonio.

 You can reach Meara at mearamcmains@yahoo.com

Meara McMains / Teacher

 You can reach Aida at aidafit@yahoo.com

Aida Omar / Teacher